first visit

Please try to arrive 5 -10 minutes early if you need to fill out paperwork.

We know you're busy, and sometimes have to cancel or reschedule. If you are able to make your scheduled appointment, please give us a call, at your earliest convenience.

your appointment

When you arrive at the clininc we will need you fill out intake forms that
include your insurance information as well as information on the specifics
of your injury. Also, a general health section will be needed, allowing us
to evaluate your personal situation and set a course of treatment that
will help you reach your goal of recovery.

For your appointment you will need:
  1. Your Insurance Card
  2. Your Prescription
  3. Your insurance Referral - If needed
  4. For Workmans Comp or No-Fault - Claim# and Contact Name
  5. Good Attitude

Seeing the same therapist on each visit ensures continuity and an accurate
assessment of progress. After your initial evaluation and treatment you will a
receive a home exercise program, to guide you on a path of recovery.

what to expect




Your First Visit
  • A thorough 45-60 minute examination, by a licensed P.T.

Your therapist will discuss with you:
  • What your pain/injury entails.
  • What to expect from treatment.
  • Creation of a treatment plan.
  • How long you will be in therapy.
  • Plan for home routine to follow.