our mission

We do not believe that any one method of pain treatment is appropriate for every person. Therefore, we offer a wide range of treatment options that can be customized to the individual’s unique needs. We offer traditional physical therapy interventions, but unlike other physical therapy clinics, we do not limit our treatments to passive modalities. Modalities, such as hot packs and ultrasounds, can provide a window into an individual’s dysfunction, but we believe that human touch encourages healing. Our physical therapists are trained to work with their hands to provide healing environments for the body to repair.

who we are

Jeroen Keessen, PT


  • Fully Liscensed
  • 20 Years Experience
  • Provider for all Major Insurances

Jeroen received his Physical Therapy BS degree from the University
of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1990 and has been practicing in
the U.S.for over 18 years. He has a specialization in Outpatient
Orthopedics and has trained as a manual therapist and believes in
"hands-on" treatment. In addition, he has taken continuing education
courses under Paris-Stanely and McKenzie to furthur his knowledge
of PT practices.
Jeroen opened Alliance Physical Therapy in 2000.

the best staff

Colleen Morretto

Liscensed Physical Therapist

A PT for over 25 years.
Colleen has experience with acute and sub acute rehab(HI, CVA's, amputee, ortho) geriatrics and in and out patient rehab. She has clinical expertise low back pain with and emphisis on PT education and HEP.

Rocio Cruz

Office Manager

Your first contact
When making your appointment, Rocio will welcome you and make sure we have all your important information prior to your visit. This will insure that you have all the necessary paperwork to start your visits.